I am invested in the environment and interactions that surround me: how I interact with my environment and community.  Growing up in the Phoenix area, I have experienced urban sprawl on a massive scale.  Being a part of that, I have been focused on going from point A to point B for most of my life.  By capturing what surrounds me photographically, I slow down and acknowledge the in-between: both in physical space and memory.  I study the land, structures, and people that have an impact on my beyond what I consciously recognize.  Radio towers perched on top of mountain rangers, snap shots of my parents’ wedding, cityscapes of my commute; I review these subjects during the printmaking process as an attempt to understand their significance.  Through manipulating the original image by selectively including information that holds meaning to me and removing that which does not, I explore my relationships to the subjects I depict.  I apply a color palette reminiscent to what I emotionally experienced during my studies.  Reworking each scene multiple times, I seek discoveries within the environments and the people that occupy them.  By working in a smaller size, I hope to create an atmosphere of intimate investigation for the viewer.

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